– Our approach to driving profitability in a downturn – “essential spend” How to thrive by focusing on the customer

– Cost cutting OR new profit generation? – Why investing now is critical to the future sustainability of your business

– Why focusing on the obvious is going to damage your business – Discover your uncommon truth and open up unlimited growth opportunities and profitability.

– A 10 minute Q&A at the end to ask any questions about the above subjects.

Hosted by CXY.

In our first of many CXY Live interactive events coming up, get involved in the conversation about how to discover your uncommon truth and turn it into your greatest success.

We explore the uncommon truth about the current market and how to ensure that you can not only survive the turbulent landscape, but turn it into your competitive advantage, thrive and drive sustainable and durable future profitability.

Join us at this exciting moment as we re-introduce CXY, give our response to the market and some of the issues that could be affecting you the most.

CXY in numbers:

Why should you care about this event/CXY:

CXY has delivered:

– £1.4billion in cost savings

– £2.7billion delivered in profits (average 12%)

– £9.1billion in exits/acquisitions