Obsessed With CX

Obsessed With CX

Author: CXY

14 December 2018

Some organisations are known for providing great customer service but a few others are known for providing amazing Customer Experiences, these companies are obsessed with delivering amazing CX!

They take everything to a whole new level of CXYness, not only do they deliver exceptional personalised customer experiences, they also ensure their customers have amazing quality products and perks. 

But it doesn’t end there they listen to their customers, maximise data and technology and create a seamless experience no matter how a customer chooses to interact with them.
Imagine a hotel that rewards its employees on the emotional connections they make with the hotel guests. An App, whose customer team is called the happiness team and are tasked to create a “wow” for every customer during every interaction. 

What if you were shopping in the aisles of your local supermarket not too sure what to have with your fish tonight, and a friendly member of staff comes over and recommends a few dishes. Then on your approval they pick up the ingredients you need to make the dish and astonishingly meet you at the checkout complete with a recipe card?

How would it make you feel if when you bought a car or a bike you were instantly given free lifetime membership to an exclusive club, your vehicle gets complimentary monthly health checks and valets all whilst you enjoy coffee, cake and nibbles sitting in a relaxed comfortable environment with free Wi-Fi! Then to top it off there isn't a sales person in sight. 

Imagine an empowered customer contact team at your local parcel delivery company who at their discretion can hand out discount vouchers, and 2 for 1’s on local offers. Oh and by the way whose boxes have cardboard cut outs of panda’s and dinosaurs for your children to play with. 

How wowed would you feel if there was a discounter who asked its customers what products they would like them to sell, and then ensured they were available to purchase, or alternatively will find you the customer the product and sell it to them at a discounted price even if this is not available in store. Personalised shopping and with a discount! How could they possibly do that? 

We all know the stress of calling a contact centre, it's hideous isn’t it, you need to plan the time. What if you were a mum and you'd waited until your baby went to sleep to make the call. Typically, they wake and start to cry when you've finally got trough. Imagine the feeling the following day when you receive a baby blanket from the company for your little one with a personal note and a comforter. Now how would that make you feel? 

There is a lot of competition in the subscription beauty industry isn't there, but one organisation stands out from the rest because of its focus on customer experience. The company uses a number of technology tools to understand its customers and what drives them to make purchases and yes, you guessed it, it’s the experience they get on-line that makes them stand out from the rest. All their employees are focused on engaging with customers in any way possible they don’t respond to situations, they respond to people which in turn gives them an amazing customer experience. 
Now there's the organisation that sells products at a premium price, but astonishingly customers are willing to pay their higher prices because of the experience the company provides. Their employees are trained to refer to guests by name, especially the children and they go above and beyond to create unique personalised experiences which then creates customer loyalty not only with you, but your children too.

Furthermore what about streaming? How do you delight customers other than ensure it's quick? You become obsessed with understanding customers! Collect huge amounts of data on your customers to create hyper-personalised recommendations. Use that data to help customers find their new favourite shows and to create award-winning original content that is exactly what customers want to see. Providing them with the personalised entertainment they love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an SME or a FTSE 100, every single one of us needs to be obsessed with CX


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