4 Elements Of Customer Experience

4 Elements Of Customer Experience

Author: CXY

05 June 2019

With the world going gaga for Customer Experience, how does your business perform on the critical areas of CX?

1. Personalisation

In a world where we watch what we want, when we want (Netflix) instead of rushing home to catch our favourite TV show (old school TV) - everyone is looking for a personalised experience - but not many businesses are providing it.

Personalisation starts with data, how much do you know about your customers and prospective customers? Enough?

The next phase is how well you then use that data.

Real Life Example

At a recent consultation at a private heath care facility, showing up to an appointment didn't start with sitting in a strange-smelling waiting room, surrounded by the ill and infirm.

Instead I was greeted by the surgeon who asked me what type of coffee I'd like, latte, cappuccino?

Moments later his assistant appeared with my tea with 2 sugars, while we sat and had a chat about my surgery.

The next time I had an appointment, my tea was ready and waiting for me.

Same service (the procedure), an emotionally transformed experience.

2. Solution Focus 

Shifting away from selling your products and moving to listening to customers' needs not only shows customers you care about finding them a solution to their problems, but puts an end to developing products that no-one wants.

With a Customer focus, companies have conversations with potential customers to genuinely understand where they need assistance, and then figure out the best product to create the most value.

The outcome? Customers getting what they want, and businesses having less redundant products.

Real Life Example

At CXY we have a whole bunch of ways we can help businesses to grow through amazing Customer Experience. From consultancy where we work with you to do it, to keynotes where we inspire your people to buy in to the CX philosophy and even open courses where smaller businesses can work with us to create their own CX Playbook.

However, we rarely go out and start a conversation with 'you wanna book onto our CX Playbook program?' - because that might not be the right fit for some people. And we won't know until we have a conversation where we really understand what you're looking to achieve.

3. More Than Delivery

Customer Experience is about looking at what you do above just delivering. 

You might be a fantastic plumber, you might make fantastic handbags - but when people buy from you they expect to get what they've paid for as a minimum requirement.

Many businesses think they deliver great CX because they deliver their product to a high standard.

Unfortunately, that's not Customer Experience. That's just delivery.

When people engage you to deliver the thing you do, the minimum requirements are that you do what you say you're going to do.

And if you're dropping the ball on that then you are of course damaging your CX (not to mention your reputation, customer lifetime value and referral value) - and it's probably down to you needing to look at your systems. 

However, real Customer Experience comes into play with all of the small things you do above and beyond delivery.

What are you doing beyond delivery?

Real Life Example

In a recent training we gave, a young lady who owns and runs a small cafe talked about how she serves freshly bakes cakes every day.

Everything this lady does that involves serving the cake, such as putting it on the plate is just delivery.

However, when she turns to the customer's son and hands him a lollipop - she's suddenly in the realm of Customer Experience.

The fact that there's colouring pencils and paper, that's great CX too.

4. Turn Mundane Into Marvellous

In all of our businesses there are mundane, functional things that need to be done.

These mundane activities are amazing opportunities for us to create marvellous experiences.

After all, no-one expects these moments to be anything other than functional, so when they are something more than that, you can't help but stand out.

Imagine an Invoice that made you smile, a PO that looked beautiful, a contract that was actually interesting and enjoyable to read.

Real Life Example

On one of our programs we were speaking to an accountant about the dreaded end of year accountancy bill.

None of us like that, do we?

We pay our tax and then we have to hand over even more of our hard-earned money to the accountant.

These guys had done a lot of thinking around this and instead of the dreaded end of year bill, they've found a monthly Direct Debit, spreading the payment throughout the year really takes the sting out of it.

After all, this monthly bill quickly becomes part of the regular cashflow and now there's no big end of year accountancy bill.

Customer Experience In Your Business?

Most businesses think you've got to have deep pockets to integrate any kind of CX that will have an impact.

The truth is, it's the simplest of things that together make the impact.

The key is identifying where you can make the most impact for the quickest wins.

Over the coming months we are holding a number of events, and for more information visit our Events page


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